Quarterly Novice Session at Bluff Creek Park - April 13th

Quarterly Novice Session at Bluff Creek Park on Saturday, Apr 13th.

Sunset is at 8:02pm and the moon sets at 2:02am. Will be a 32.3% illuminated Moon.

If you’re planning to come out, please post on here the type of equipment you are bringing or what you would like help with.

Changed to an in town Novice night instead of a Member night at CRO. Picked the wrong date for the Member night to much Moon. Haven’t had a Novice Session in a long time. This will be my first time at Bluff Creek Park.


I think Novice Night should be in the metro area, not at CRO. Novices are always welcome there, any Member Night.

I suggest either Bluff Creek Park (north), or Arbor Gardens Park (south).

If you pick Arbor Gardens, let me know and I’ll see if I can get the restrooms open for that evening.

The last Quarterly Novice Session we had was on the South side and this quarter is normally on the North side. So I figured Bluff Creek Park (north) would be a good choice.

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Are you scheduling it the same night as Member Night? April 13th?

Or are you canceling the second Member Night?

Picked the wrong date for the 2nd Member night to much Moon. With how the new Moon fell I think Mar 30th should of been the 1st Member night. Just correcting an error in the date picked.

I have a 5” Celestron. Need help with IPhone StarSense calibration with telescope. Need help finding comet. 12P. Thank you

Finding comet 12P/Pons-Brooks should be pretty easy it’s going to be below Jupiter. I will bring my binoculars to help look for it.I have used a Star Sense once just to see how it works, it has been a couple of years though.

Thank you, see you Sat.

@DaveNH6SM I’m confused, and others are too (i’m getting questions about this). Did you cancel Member Night at CRO on the 13th and replace it with Novice Night at Bluff Creek?

If so, fine, I think it will be windy tomorrow night at CRO anyway, but this needs clarifying.

I changed it since I picked the wrong date for a CRO night. If it helps you can say I canceled it…

I’m coming to Novice night. Bringing my celstron 130 EQ and club borrowed 10in dob.

@DaveNH6SM Thanks for the clarification! Need to make the right announcement at the meeting in a few minutes.

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Dennis Lynch I will be out tonight. Bringing my Seestar and the old Celestron AstroMaster 70.

I’ll come tonigt. Meade ETX90EC

I’ll be there about 7:30. Will help out where I can. Mainly know all-in-one EA scopes these days.

My telescope is at my school. I have my celestron binoculars. Im mainly going though to see different types of equipment and get more acquainted with viewing.

Bring your chin straps for your hats! It’s going to be clear and warm, but very windy. Bring weights to hold down your tripods if you have them.

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Hi! Im brand new. I got here a bit early. Where does everyone normally meet at bluff creek?

I’m here too. Good question where do we go?

I’m here also. My first time here. There are a lot of cars here.