Quarterly Novice Session at Bluff Creek Park - April 13th

Mitch usually parks along side the street next to the soccer fields near the end. That whee I am in the red Jeep Cherokee.

We had a very successful Novice Night tonight!

There were at least 15 club members that came out, about half and half folks needing help with their equipment and half folks there to help. A perfect ratio.

The night was clear and warm, but unfortuntely very windy. The wind averaged about 20mph. So the observing was poor, but it was a perfect night to help folks with equipment problems.

Many thanks to everyone who came out! I think everyone will have better viewing experiences in the future due to the help they got tonight!


This was a great event. I appreciate the knowledge transfer from the experienced club members. Thank-you!


Turned out to be a good night. The wind was a bit high. We got to see the comet 12P/Pons-Brooks in a 9.25" EdgeHD. It was a bit dim since the sky was still getting dark. It then got to low since there are trees to the West. Had a Starlink trail pass over.


Thanks to everyone who was out and all the help.

Sorry I missed this! I live close but just recently joined the forum, so, I saw this a bit too late.

Make sure to check the Club Calendar for all upcoming events.

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Thanks, Dave. Went ahead and purchased a membership as well. Hoping I find time to get involved.

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