First Pics from OTSP 2023!

Got here too late, and am too tired, to set up my windscreen, and it’s tad windy, though crystal clear! Didn’t set up my scopes, but tried to get the Milky Way with my phone. Not too bad for 3 secs each.


Thanks, gorgeous views… keep em coming! :grin:

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Can’t sleep, so now that the wind has died, am set up capturing a citizen science session for NEA 2011 MD5. Too dim to get a good image of that, but About 0600 am going to try to capture Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura). Hopefully I’ll get a good image of that, along with a citizen science observation.


Hi Mitchell, yeah hope you can get that comet as I can’t get it here as too bright just before sunrise.

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I might have gotten a citizen science observation, but got too light to try to capture an image. Hopefully will try again in the morning. Andy managed to capture it though. He showed me some of his raw data and once he puts it all together, it’s going to be an awesome image!

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It’s been windy again today. Might die down after sunset, but I’m glad I invested in a sturdy windscreen. First time I’ve set it up. I’ll find out tonight if it works as well as I hope it does!


I thought I would join in on first pic’s from Okie-Tex. Last night was interesting storms to south with lots of lightning. Sprinkled a little here. Decide to try to catch some lightning. Here is an interesting shot of lightning, clouds and clear sky.


Very nice!

First night clear skies and second night had a great light show and has cooled down. Almost completely clear now with a little light show going on to the South.

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Light show? Lightning?

Yep. For several hours nearby, then overhead about 0100. Strong gusts. Calmed about 0300 but was still cloudy in the east and south.

Can’t resist one more lightning pic. Sorry about the misspelling in previous post. You know how it is. I did go back and edit it.
This one is a little more to the south. Maybe this will be stormy Tex.


Now that’s a very cool picture. Thanks a Lot

That’s a picture to travel to get.

Thanks. You may not get the pictures you were wanting, but sometimes you get a pleasant surprise. It was so neat to see the Milky Way and storming to the south.


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Awesome, I love storm pics!

Here is lucky shot! I couldn’t find Comet Nishimura in the binoculars, so I threw the coordinates into SGP and let my zwo183 shoot in the blind with the AT8RC. I say “shoot in the blind” because I couldn’t see the comet and the sunrise was too advanced for plate solving or guiding.

Acquisition Info:

Target Name: Comet Nishimura (C/2023 P1)
Date: 9 September 2023 from 6:42 am to 6:51 am
Location; OkieTex Star Party near Kenton, Ok
Camera: zwo ASI183 Color Cooled
Scope: 1625 mm f/8 AstroTech 8" Ritchey-Chretien
Other: 0.75 Reducer
SubExposures: 3 second
No. of Shots: 60
Comet Coordinates:
10h 23’ 51" Right Ascension
22° 31’ 24" Declination
Orientation: 45 deg to the Equator
Timing: Integrated Core set to Integrated Star Background at 6:42 am.


Good job! I’ve been trying to catch it here at home, no luck so far.

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Way to go. Three of us tried to observe it on the 8th here at Okie-Tex on the North side of the field between 5:10-6:00AM. We were unsuccessful. I had 15x70 binoculars on a parallelogram mount on a tripod, John was using a stabilized DSLR camera on a tripod, and Jim was using binoculars. None us were able see and it did not show on his camera. Very disappointing that we were unsuccessful. Pretty sure we were looking in the correct area. It was probably due to the light and haze on the horizon as sun rise was approaching. We should have tried a day earlier it would have been a little higher off the horizon and not as close to sunrise.
Glad you got.

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Nice Chris!