Extra 0.965” eyepiece(s) for a new member?

Does anyone have one or two extra 0.965” eyepiece(s) that you know you won’t use? This would be for a new member just trying to get first light thru an heirloom Tasco refractor:

See thread here.

I just hate to see his excitement delayed by mail time. If not, in a couple of days I’ll offer to help him via Surplus Shed.

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i wish i still had my old .965 inch eyepieces they would be all yours! sadly they were lost to time years ago

I knew that this ask would be a stretch.

New club member, Cody Gossett now has an inexpensive set from Surplus Shed, but if you have a more respectable medium power 0.965”, I’m certain that he would appreciate it.

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I think we have a few .965" eyepieces at CRO? In that Japanese scope on the table? That size sure is rare to find.

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I found adapters online to allow 1.25" eyepieces to be used on my 0.965". Is this a decent work around to my eyepiece size being rare?

You’ll only need one adapter to try it. But don’t forget @CodyGossett ’s [edit-tg] previous issue of not being able to achieve focus.

By their inherent design, adapters that allow a larger diameter eyepiece barrel to be used in a focuser designed for a smaller barrel — necessarily — function also as an extension (approximately* 1”-1.5”), sometimes making focus impossible. (As you discovered.)

Focusers designed for 0.965” can sometimes be replaced. But I suggest, placing a “Wanted” ad on CloudyNights.com

BTW: I used that size eyepiece exclusively Sunday night/Monday morning and was delighted by the results.

*I say approximately 1” but this will be exactly: The greater of, the length of the eyepiece barrel or the length of the upper section of the adapter.

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I do have 3 eyepieces for my Tasco 6mm, 12.5mm, 20mm. I also have a Barlow. I was mainly asking so I knew my options for eyepieces. I assume what I have will keep my busy for a while without buying anything more. @Tom.Graham Thank you for the info.

You have a good set of eyepieces so not sure you would get much gain with different eyepieces. I’m sure someone might have an adapter you can try and see if different eyepieces will make any real difference. I think you had the refractor so the focus might not be as big of a factor as with a reflector. That’s the nice thing about having access to a Club you can try things out before you buy something that may not work or improve anything.

Yes, I have the old refractor. I’m still new to this so I wasn’t sure if I should have more or if any of mine need to be replaced.

I apologize for having become confused between @CodyGossett and @NateWoollard (at least twice recently.)

@DaveNH6SM has now reminded me that

@CodyGossett has the reflector with the 0.965” focuser —and

@NateWoollard has the refractor (with the 0.965” focuser).

I hope to meet you both at our next club meeting.

Cody bought an adapter which didn’t work for his reflector. That’s one local option you might try.

Also, I love to share: Please look me up and I’m happy to let you borrow another brand of 0.965” eyepieces (I have a set of Takahashi MC OR’s and at least 2-3 Vixen.) And we can talk about some of the pros and cons of the larger, more complex EP’s versus the smaller, lighter EP’s.

Smaller EP’s does NOT necessarily mean lesser quality or poorer visual image. (For fun, I’ll create poll tonight asking which of these two, most members would rather have.)

Source: http://scopeviews.co.uk/PlanetaryEyepieces.htm


It looks like I will be able to come this friday. I was not able to attend the viewing night cause I was driving Tennessee! I will bring my scope in the car in case anyone wants a closer look, as I know very little about it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the views through it and it’s not so big that its a pain to use.

Just after I got the eyepieces in the mail for it, I purchased a cheap nexstar 60slt for $12. Just the OTA no mount. However, I already had a lightweight camera mount that I use for my phone. I was able to get the telescope to sit on it, a bit wobbly but still nice veiws of the moon. So far, the reflector is the one I much more prefer. Was able to glimpse a bit of gray of andromeda from my backyard in midwest city.

Thanks again for all the help, this club is great! Lot of good info and people here.

@NateWoollard if you are coming to this fridays event, I’ll bring the adapter and you can try it out!

Great Cody. I will bring my scope as well. I look forward to meeting you.

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I have several; let me know if you want me to bring to next meeting