Eclipse Images

These could go here, or under Astrophotography I guess, but seems more appropriate here.

I wasn’t in the path of totality, got these images at SMO when it reached Maximum at 94%.

with my Stellina:

With my eVscope 2:

Did not get the Seestar running. Three scopes, 2 EA, 1 optical, was more than I could handle with the crowds, even with the help of other club members!


Was anyone in the path able to catch Comet 12P with totality?

Went to booneville Arkansas, had some cloud cover but turned out great on my seestar.


Cruised out to Heavener, OK this morning. Incredible time experiencing a total eclipse for the first time.


Nice pictures. Hope you can make a little video for the family movie night. My wife and I enjoyed the event in Fort Worth. The Beginning Partial was in and out of clouds, but the weather was clear for Totality and the Ending Partial.


Hello, my name is Tony. I’m new to the Club. I took these today with a Nikon D7000 at 200mm with a $16 solar filter (20 f-stops). I think I am happier about seeing the sunspots than the eclipse.


We were able to see Jupiter and Saturn, but no comet and I looked for it.


We ended up in Oden, Arkansas. The eclipse was spectacular. Here are some raw, unprocessed video frames. Hope to have video, gif animation, and better stills over next week or so. Equipment: Orion ST-80, ZWO ASI 482MC.


@T_Liddell Welcome! Nice images!

@russw Great details around the edge of the moon! The diamonds, flares and corona; really nice work! Can’t wait to see the final product!


I got home last night at about 2:30 am, and my spot in Missouri turned out to be perfect. Not a cloud at all, I got very good data sets from 3 cameras, I failed with the GoPro and failed to get a landscape because I tried using an old camera that was junk.

My first thought… it was WAY bigger in the sky than I anticipated. I know the size of the moon and sun, and this was maybe 50% bigger, it was stunning, like a flaming silver dollar coin in the sky. The huge magenta/red prominences were easily visible. There was a huge one on the bottom and another to the left.

I’ll try and process as fast as I can, but it’s not a race.

I was next to an employee of NASA, he works on the Artemis program and he said this was WAY more impressive than the 2017 eclipse. Here is a link to his website, Shawn was super cool to hang with and shoot the eclipse. He said he’d love to come to Okie-Tex and talk about Artemis or Eclipse or whatever. Here is a link to his website:


Plainview, AR hyperlapse. 4m 19s totality. Absolutely no problems with clouds, traffic or other people. The flash at 3 seconds is fireworks. We heard crickets start up during totality. You can add those sound effects yourself.

I just set the drones in the air and hit record. I was not interested in taking photos myself. Just look at Andy’s instead :slight_smile:; it looked just like that.


Thats awesome Danny!!!

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A few very quick tests to see what the data looks like, these are not “finished”…

Double Star Kuton II and Kuton III can be seen at left and the dim star 88 Psc at lower left.


This is cool, i found this just before I saw your post Danny.


We saw this airplane fly over us at our Missouri location, a guy next to me knew about it and we talked about it when we saw it!

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Was in McKinney Texas at relatives house. Had some clouds with breaks. Fortunately there were clear areas or just thin clouds for the 3 min, 27sec of totality. It was awesome :sunglasses:. Saw Venus and Jupiter with naked eye. Tried to capture diamond ring and Bailey’s beads.
Orion ST120 refractor with 20mm EP and iPhone 13 ProMax.



I agree with Shawn Quinn’s assessment. This eclipse was more impressive that the 2017 eclipse. By my memory, the corona was much larger and brighter this time, and there were more prominent prominences around the limb. The overall eyeball view was absolutely stunning.

Your quickie test images look really good. Can’t wait for the finished products.


Nice set of images, especially using a phone camera. The clouds actually seem to add a dream-like feel. Well done.

Nice job Clint!

I’m sharing all the data from my ASI2600MC camera, shot with the club’s 65mm scope, so I belive it belongs to all of us. I’m buried in data! So, please everyone dive into this data and edit to your heart’s contentment. The Google drive link should be open and publicly accessible. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing it.