Annular/Partial Solar Eclipse 14 Oct 2023

Thanks for all of the complements. Really appreciated.


The Solar Eclipse video on your flickr page is the best (although you had good data from the beginning). I’ve done well with flickr links, but this one is behaving strangely for me – It initially takes me to a blank page. To see your video, I have to click on your photostream or the last photo icon at the bottom to of the blank page. The link address seems ok, so I’m at a loss for suggestiing a fix – the problem may actually be on my side (cookie setting or something).

I was concerned about the link to a video in Flickr as I had not done that before. The video was too large for our forum, so I put it on Flickr. It is not on your side as that’s what it does for me. Glad you were able to figure how to view it. Not sure what I could to do to fix it.

Hitting the download button brings it up, too. Suspect the problem is with our security software that prevents pop up’s and ads, etc.

Great job, Stan! A very nice time lapse movie!

Embedding linked to YouTube is probably ideal for videos.

I am not sure what would all be involved in doing that? Do you have to have your own channel? Or subscription?


You just setup a YouTube login and that gives you your own channel to post videos to. You can use your Gmail login to setup a YouTube account.

Thanks I will check into that.