World Light Pollution Map

Interactive World Light Pollution Map.

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Take back the night; turn out the lights.


Love this site, used it quite a bit. But I can’t find how current it is.

I used the map you listed and it says CRO is a bortle 4. Has anyone taken readings that can corroborate with this information?

Here is some information that is still on the old forum.

I took a reading last night at CRO 1/29/2022 and got 20.79. This is better than the reading I got in 2015. Could full cutoff LED’s be helping? Or is it more have to do with sky conditions?

10/30/2021 20.45
9/5/2021 20.64
4/10/2021 21.14 not sure what was happening this night it looks like we had a really good sky. Maybe a power outage in the area from a storm will have to research this.
10/10/2020 20.58
5/20/2017 20.88

1/18/2015 20.53 this is my oldest reading and you can see it hasn’t changed much from last night.

It looks like straight overhead hasn’t changed much. Last night I was looking at the horizon and it seemed to be fairly good. The gas rigs seemed to be not as bad as they have been. One thing I noticed when I was leaving is the compression station that used to be all lite up only had 2 lights on. It looks like they were closed down.

My last reading on 1/14/23 was 20.50 which is bortle 4.

1 Excellent dark-sky site 7.6–8.0 21.99–22.0
2 Typical truly dark site 7.1–7.5 21.89–21.99
3 Rural sky 6.6–7.0 21.69–21.89
4 Rural/suburban transition 6.1–6.5 20.49–21.69
5 Suburban sky 5.6–6.0 18.5–19.25
6 Bright suburban sky 5.1 - 5.5 18.94-19.50
7 Suburban/urban transition 4.6–5.0 18.38-18.94
8 City sky 4.1 - 4.5 <18.38
9 Inner-city sky 4.0 <18.38

At Lake Hefner WSP on Friday got a 17.72

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