Wolf-Rayet 134

WR 134 is a variable Wolf-Rayet star located around 6,000 light years away from Earth in the constellation of Cygnus, surrounded by a faint bubble nebula blown by the intense radiation and fast wind from the star. It is five times the radius of the sun, but due to a temperature over 63,000 K, it is 400,000 times as luminous as the Sun.

210, 5-minute, 100-gain Ha subs
488, 5-minute, 100-gain OIII subs
45, 1-minute Red
45, 1-minute Green
45, 1-minute Blue

ASI2600mm pro
Esprit 100ED, 550mm focal length, F5.5.
EQ6-R Pro mount.
Guided, dithered, 2x drizzle in Pix
Pixinsight and Photoshop

Data collected on clear nights in the month of October 2023
Most data from my Bortle-6 backyard.



Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy looking at your images! Your hard work is appreciated.

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Lools great. That is a ton of O3 data man!

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Fantastic, especially from a Bortle 6 sky.

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Thanks yall :+1: