Winter Observing in the City?

Depending on the weather, last evening might be the last First Friday we hold until springtime.

Unless club members want to continue to get together once a month here in the city, in addition to the Member Nights at CRO. But we’re not going to get many non-club folks out in the colder weather.

Please weigh in here if you think we should continue them over the winter or not. If we do cointinue these, mainly for club members, I think I’ll move them to Bluff Creek Park. It is a much better place for viewing, imo. Darker, quieter, usually less wind, and much cleaner porta-potties! (Not that I want to be using porta-potties in the winter. Got my share of that in Alaska…)

Or we could meet at different locations. Maybe somewhere on the south side? Gerald suggested Arbor Gardens Park near Costco on the southside and we checked it out. It looks like it might be a good spot. Any other viewing locations we might use? I do not know the south area very well, so have no clue where might be good other than Arbor Gardens.