Will be attending Okie-Tex 2023

I’m excited to be Attending Okie-Tex 2023 this year. 25 years ago, in the summer of 1998, we found this amazing site. It blows me away how well the astronomical community has supported the move from Lake Murray, Ardmore, OK. Thank you all for the continued support and the hard work and dedication of the OKcAC to keep it going. Clear skies to all and I hope to get a chance to meet everyone!


Just for the heck of it:

My daughter Stephanie was 6 months old. She was presented ‘Youngest Attendee’ award at Okie-Tex 1991.:rofl:


LOL, very cool!

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Very nice meeting you Steve. I enjoyed hearing your story about the finding Camp Billy Joe and how it became Okie-Tex.
Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to post the picture I took of you on the Mesa by Okie and Tex.


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Not a problem. It was great chatting with you. It had been wwwaaayyy to long since I had been to the Mesa. I’ll try to get out there again next year if time, and work, permits.

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This year wasn’t the best due to the clouds, but it was fun. Thanks for sharing the photos and coming out!