Viewing at Point 10 on Stanley Draper Sunday, 18 Jun

I’ll try not to make the next one so impromptu. The weather forecasts are poor until Sunday. If it’s clear Sunday evening I’m heading for Point 10 at Stanley Draper. All are welcome to join me! I’ll be there around sunset.

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There is a possibility I will be joining you.

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Still planning on this?

Yes. It looks like it will be almost perfect conditions. Tomorrow night looks clear too, for JD McCarthy Camp Claphands, but the wind will be much stronger.

I plan to get there tonight around sunset. 2030–2045.

Here now and setup, already have had a few drop by to view the sun. :grin:

Just a quick pic with my Google Pixel 7 Pro, hand-held.

Here’s the sun with my Stellina this evening.