Unistellar Odyssey

Unistellar has announced it’s newest model all-in-one EA telescope, the Odyssey. And Odyssey Pro (only real difference is an electronic eyepiece).

Info on it can be found at:

It’s avialbe now (except for the Red Edition) and you can find it on most online astronomy stores.

I’ve talked with a few of the beta testers and they say it does what it claims to do. Whether it’s worth the money, well, that’s up to the buyer.

If you want to jump into Citizen Science Missions easily, Unistellar is still the only game in town. If that is your goal, I don’t have a recommendation yet on whether to get the eQuinox 2 (or the eVscope 2 if you really want the eyepiece) or one of the new Odyssey models.

My recommendation at this point remains that if you want to jump into the all-in-one EA market right now, get the ZWO Seestar S50. It’s definitely affordable at $500 and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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320mm focal length and F3.9 is pretty good :+1:

The beta testers all loved it. So if anyone is thinking of buying a Unistellar scope right now, the Odyssey is probably your best bet. It’s got several new features that the eQ2 and eV2 don’t have. Like autofocusing and even easier alignment.

They’re promising a mosaic mode for all their scopes sometime this year. :crossed_fingers: