Travis County, Texas Issues Disaster Declaration Ahead of April 8th Total Eclipse

The declaration for Travis County, which includes the city of Austin, was made in anticipation of large crowds, increased traffic and and additional demands for services for first responders, hospitals, and roads related to the eclipse.

Full story here.

What the heck are they doing down there? I read the story. So property owners MUST notify the county if they are hosting a party with more than 50 people. I think this emergency declaration is so all the police can keep people from gathering in public places. I’m expecting law enforcement to be pretty pushy all over Texas. They sure were for the annular this past fall.

I noticed that too, Andy. I set up at a rural fire station north of KC in 2017. They were welcoming and friendly.

I scouted out where to set up in Texas last fall and stopped by a fire station near the center line to see if I could do it again. Talked with the asst fire chief and asked if I could set up there. It was “absolutely not. The area around the station must be completely clear!” Said they were expecting a mob in Oct and Apr. I pointed out that the crowd for the annular event wouldn’t be a tenth of the total, but he wouldn’t budge. Said they had declared a disaster for it already (2 weeks prior).

I ended up a bit off center and just set up at the hotel I had rooms at. That turned out great. The hotel manager was very helpful and even brought out water for the small crowd that gathered. She even called her family and I think about 10 or so from her family joined me.

But yeah. The officials were paranoid last fall. I’m sure it will be worse this time. I recommend nobody break any traffic laws while near the path of totality. I.e., don’t speed. They may be counting on a big income boost from speeding tickets.

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I agree with everything you said Mitche. Texas is very on edge right now.

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