Total/Partial Solar Eclipse on 8 Apr 2024

Were staying in Durant and driving into Hugo for the eclipse. Our plan is set up at the kids park. We’ve got two younger kids and I didn’t see any good playground areas for them in Idabel.

@BillMurrell You might get there in about 4 hours, if you leave early enough. But I’d add at least 2 hours, if not double the time, for returning home. In 2017 the crowds trickled in over the previous week. But they all left minutes after it was over.

I did some thinking about my original place near Hillsboro, Texas and have picked another place near Bogota, Texas.

My reason is because the original location will have 4:23 of totality, but will be about a 30 minute drive to a place with a restroom. For a 2:30 minute event that will not be a good choice.

Bogota on the other hand will have 4:20 of totality and will be within a 5 minute drive of a place with a restroom. A better choice. If we decide to view the eclipse in Bogota, totality will be about 4:15 - an even better choice. There are several places to eat and a truck stop where I can get gas for the return trip.

Sounds like a plan!

Bogata is deadline centerline and seems like a location that might have smaller crowds. Now that we’re are 2 weeks out, it’s all about the forecast.

I finally have my computer automation dialed in, tested, practiced, and rehearsed. I’m ready for this, I’m just hoping for clear skies now.

Is anyone planning on joining the event at Science Museum Oklahoma on eclipse day? We are starting to promote the event more as we get closer, and wanted to see if anyone from the club was planning on staying in the city and joining us.

I’ve spoken about our “official” event will be with SMO at our meetings. I’ve heard from a couple of folks that they’re planning on joining you there.

Most, if not all, of our ‘usual’ members that attend our outreach events will be in the path of totality, so not sure how many will come there. I’ll see what I can do to get folks to commit to joining you.

Do you have a schedule of events for 8 April? Maybe a link to announce the event? Is so, please post it here!

Short article on an 105 eclipse chaser!


Amazing. Maybe I’ll live to see the Aug 12, 2045 Total Solar Eclipse right here in OKC?

And Sapulpa will be DEAD CENTER in the path. I have relatives there. I may reserve a spot in their yard now…

Hey Waylon,
If I remember correctly, aren’t you guys doing something in the Idabel area, on eclipse day?
I was wondering if you might want to post the details. Perhaps, your event could be someone’s first, second, or third option if they happen to be in the South East OKLAHOMA, or East TEXAS area and are experiencing less than ideal viewing conditions. Hopefully, everyone finds clear skies though…wherever they plan to be.

My peeps from the National Weather Service have provided the following sites to check cloud cover.

From Harold Brooks:

At this point, the low clouds are forecast only over the Texas part of the path. Arkansas/SE OK are only high cloud. Tomer Burg’s cloud cover stuff is probably the best, easily available forecast out there. 2024 Eclipse Forecasts

The other one is pivotal weather. Eclipse 2024 Cloud and Visibility Watch — Pivotal Weather

I suspect heading to Carbondale, Illinois or Indiana or points farthest NE like Burlington, VT would be best…

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Suggestion: If you cancel your plans to leave OKC and there is any chance to play sucker hole Astronomy, head for Science Museum of Oklahoma and help Waylon.

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Thanks SO much for these cloud/weather websites. These two are the best I’ve seen yet for cloud related info for the April 8 2024 eclipse.

Yeah, I forgot to share the Pivotal Weather site, it’s pretty good I just wish it could be animated.

Anyone have a spare disco ball?
Judy Meyer from Mc Donald Observatory just sent me this activity!

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A quick demonstration of the automation I have set up to control 2 of my cameras.
Hopefully, this might help someone out there, or just give you an “inside look” into my technique.

This is a very interesting experiment. I wish that I had one to share with you to setup for the public viewing of the partial at SMO.

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We will be heading out soon for the eclipse. Right now it shows 8% at 1pm and 18% at 2pm cloud cover. We will be at the Army base in Killeen TX.

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Clear skies and travel safely, @DaveNH6SM.

The cloud forecasts for our Plan A spot in central Arkansas continue to improve. Presently, we plan to leave about this time tomorrow.

I’ve checked weather (esp clouds) forecasts again this morning. I believe that they continue to improve. We won’t be changing our plans.

It appears that southeastern Missouri or FAR northeastern Arkansas have the best odds for clear skies in this area (presently).

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