Thomas Stafford passed away today

Heard on the noon news that Gen. Thomas P Stafford passed away at 93.

There’s a great article about him on the Stafford Air & Space Museum website:

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Sad news.

The museum is well worth a trip to see. But allow at least half a day, if not the whole day, to view it. There’s a lot there! I did not allow enough time to visit and need to get back to finish.

I’d go with you sometime. Passed by it many times, too busy to stop. Wife doesn’t care for these things much, lol. She would go to appease me though :blush:

It’s a date!

a shame to hear this.

Here’s a link to the memorial services for General Tom Stafford:

Lying in State (closed casket) at Stafford Air & Space Museum Wed/Thurs. Memorial Service at 1st Baptist Church Weatherford Friday, and graveside Friday. Check link for more info.

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