Themes! We can change how this looks

There are lots of different themes we can use. I might be trying some out soon. See any ones you like more than what we have now?

I kinda like Pinboard.


Pinboard looks fine. I’d choose the dark choice. Less light if we check it while viewing.

There actually is a dark mode for the current theme that you can toggle on in your settings. I don’t really like this themes dark mode though. I’ll load Pinboard up and get some feedback.

I haven’t found that setting yet.

Just found it. Settings > Imterface > Dark Mode. There are a few different options.

Nevermind. Found it.

Dark is okay. Solarized Dark is okay. Dracula? Not me.

I like that it’s an individual choice.

I installed Pinboard. You can switch to it and try it out in the same Interface options. I like it quite a bit on mobile. Not so much on iPad. Desktop looks good, too.

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is there a way to have a Starry background? like a picture backdrop or is that hard to do?

Personally I like just the plain old dark theme available in your settings.

I am using Dracula :rofl:

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Navigation still isn’t intuitive to me… - #10 by sdm look thru these and ask Danny if you see one you like

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