The Wizard Nebula from my Backyard (6 Hours)

Here is my first Hubble palette (SHO) image. The stars are RGB using typical color filters.

Taken with an Esprit 120 and an ASI294mm Pro from my backyard.

Thank you for looking! Enjoy!

The Wizard Nebula by Jaxon Taylor, on Flickr


Here is a nice crop to highlight the details :slight_smile:


Amazing, personally I think it’s picture of the day material :+1:

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Well done Jaxon!!

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Thanks guys! Having narrowband filters and a permanent setup really helps me get lots of data on objects out there! Hopefully I don’t bother you all too much on these forums with my many photos! :sweat_smile:


No bother at all! Keep em coming!

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That is so beautiful

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