The Soul Nebula (113+ hours)

Here is my latest project. I acquired nearly 114 hours on this target. I used my Esprit 120 with a 0.65x reducer, at F/4.55. Using a ZWO ASI294mm Pro and ZWO filters. All from my backyard.

Integration details:
Ha: 129x600s
S2: 258x600s
O3: 278x600s
R,G,B: 60x60s (each)

Thanks for looking!

The Soul Nebula by Jaxon Taylor, on Flickr


Beautiful Jaxon!

I hope you took some time out from processing to eat some turkey!

I’m adding this to my outreach slideshow!

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Hope you didn’t stay up the whole time, lol! Great work, thank you for sharing :+1:

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You have a keen eye to have found bigfoot lurking in the image. It took me several minutes to find him.

BTW, beautiful work.

So, you’re saying Bigfoot is an ET?

Jaxon, I have a new “secret” technique to add some bonus LUM to narrowband images. I’d love to see what it can do to your data. I figure, might as well share it here. All i need is your SHO master files, I keep them in mono, I use registar to align them, then I do an “Average Combine”, I then edit this “LUM” file to give it POP, and then I layer this file on top of the SHO color file in Photoshop and blend as a Luminosity layer and blend opacity that looks natural. It’s really a difference-maker.

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I decided to retry this and change the color mapping for the narrowband images. I think I like this color mapping more. What do you guys think?


I do like both myself. Thinking of maybe a transition gif between the images would be cool.

They’re both beautiful. Hard to choose.

2nd version is really good. Well done :+1::+1::+1:

Amazing image! Did you really need that much integration time for this nebula?