Supernova Remnant Abell 85 (60+ hours!)

This is my longest project so far!

I decided to go for a challenging target the past couple of weeks. I’ve been fortunate to get several great nights for observing. This image, from my backyard, is the result of over 60 hours of photos. The nebula is an HOO palette and the stars are RGB. This target was so dim, that a single 10 minute sun through O3 showed almost nothing!

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoy it!

Supernova Remnant Abell 85 by Jaxon Taylor, on Flickr


Here is a single 10 minute sub through the Ha filter. Still way brighter than the O3, but you can see why it took 30 hours per filter to bring out the final result.


That’s amazing, it’s a lot of work and it shows. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Joel!


You are a true artist Andy! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

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Andy?! :rofl:

I’ll take that as a compliment, Mitche!


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Dude! Well done brother :+1::+1::+1:

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Sorry. I get you guys confused. You look so much alike…

Very nice Jaxon!!

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