Sun with Lunt LS60MT

Got hooked on the Sun after the annular eclipse. Tried a new EP/adapter combo in preparation for the 2024 eclipse. It didn’t work very well. I noticed there was a nice prominence on the bottom of the Sun. I changed to my other EP/adapter combo and took an image even though there were thin light hazy clouds passing by. Not bad for a phone I guess.

Lunt LS60MT solar scope on Orion StarSeeker mount. TeleVue 12mm Delos and iPhone 13 Pro Max with TeleVue FoneMate adapter. Native camera and phone edits.


There is some great detail there, Clint! Impressive what just a cellphone through an eyepiece gets with this scope! I bet it looks great visually!

Oh yes! The view with the naked eye is sweet. I wish I could have gotten the 80mm, but at twice the price ( $5000 + ), it was too much for me

Maybe our club will see a nice double stack solar scope in the future? :thinking:

Apparently we have a solar scope. Does anyone know what brand/model it is?

From the website:

Thanks. Didn’t know it was listed on there.