Suggestions for Observing and Outreach Events?

Every month we have our First Friday Public Outreach event here in the metro area, plus we have our two (sometimes three) Member Nights at CRO.

The big special event coming up in 2024 is the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8. Our official club activity for the eclipse will be at the Science Museum Oklahoma.

We occaisionaly get requests for support from other groups, like schools, or the scouts. Oh, and Camp Claphands in June/July. Special events like this will be posted here, and on the club calendar at the Night Sky Network, asking for club members to support.

What I need input from you, our members, is if there is anything else you think the club should or could be doing for observing and outreach? I’m looking for new ideas!

Please post on here, sent me a private message, or email me at: with your suggestions!