STEM Outreach Event - Northridge Elementary 29 Sep 2023

We have been requested to support a STEM event at their outdoor movie night on September 29. They’re expecting around 200 people, or more, for the event.

The gates we can enter by to the playground will open at 6:30 and the movie will begin at sundown. We should be able to drive up next to where we’ll set up. We’ll be near, but kind of around the corner, from where they’ll project the movie. This will be night viewing only, no solar. It should be dark where we will be with good fields of view. Electricity may be available.

I’ll create a map of where to enter and park and post it on here. Please post on here if you will be able to support this event.

Northridge Elementary
8501 NW 82nd St

Here’s a map showing the gate we will be able to get on the field through. And the general area where we can set up.

I could really use some help! We want more families and non-retirement age folks in the club; I think this is a great opportunity to attract some! The forecast looks really great, if a tad bit windy…

Mitche, I’d love to be there to help, but Fridays are bad for me, including meetings. I wont be able to make this one, but I am wanting to get out to a public club event soon.


Hey Mitche,
Is this the same place/event we did last year?
I will try to be there… iffy on whether or not I will have a scope by then…I will try to help anyway I can though.

Jim looking back at the old forum this is the same place that we did back on Jan 26th.

Yes, the same place, but outdoor instead of indoor.

Thanks, Jaxon, but no worries. No one can do all events.

Jim, even if no scope, com’on out! There’s always a need for folks to talk to folks and answer questions.

I should be able to make it out for this one. Going to bring my Orion 6” Starblast telescope. Will also have my laser pointer to point things out in the sky. Just got a box of NSN stuff for the eclipse that I can bring to give out.

Anyone want to meet before hand for dinner?

Great Dave! And I’m up for dinner. What do you like? Maybe something along the NW Hiway? That’s not too far away.

Maybe the S&B’s Burger Joint or Gyro City Cafe.

I hope to be there as well. Likely around 7 as it doesn’t get dark till about 7:30.

S&B sounds good. I’ll be there around 5:15.

Thanks, Randy! Yeah, the building is in the way for any solar viewing. See you then!

Hi Mitche, I am sorry but I will not be able to come tonight. I caught a bug of some sort and feel that I should not expose others. I hope that it will be gone in another week or so. Gerald Taylor

Just get well, Gerald! We’ll see you at the next one!

Family showed up for the weekend, I had decided to come out today and was about to tell you here, lol. Now I get to go eat Mexican.

Hey Mitche; the sky is looking quite murky: we’ll be lucky to observe the moon this evening.

Randy. Clouds are forecasted to clear at sunset. But it’ll be windy. Jim, Dave and I will there there. If you can make it, great, but no worries if you can’t.

Enjoy Joel!

We had a great and very successful event at the school! It was mostly clear, though a bit windy. We had a steady stream of students and parents that got tired of watching Super Mario Bros and wanted to look at the universe! I’d guess at least 100 or so folks came over and looked through the scopes.

Thanks to Dave, Jim, Randy, Clint, and Dru for coming and sharing their scopes and knowledge with the kids. I think that was everyone. If I missed you, sorry.

FYI, Linda Frantz, the STEM teacher, wants us to come back in January to do another observing event! So get your long johns ready for then!

Some pics from the event:


Glad it turned out well!

Sounds like it was a good time! Great job everyone!