STEM Event in Duncan, OK May 9

We’ve been doing a lot of STEM events recently and they’re a great way to reach out to the young folk, and their families, to get them interested in astronomy at a young age!

We got another request for STEM support from Duncan, OK, on May 9th. I am planning on being there with my eV2, and optical telescope for solar viewing, and my TV for a slide show. They want some kind of presentation which I hope I’ll be prepared for. I’d love 1 or 2 other club members to join me with their scopes, both for solar and night viewing.

Setup will be at 6-6:30 at Plato Elementary, 1011 West Plato Road, Duncan, OK.

They want a presentation at 7, covering:

Activity 1-Students should recognize that the Sun seems to move across the sky throughout the day. They may not understand that the Sun is stationary, and it is Earth’s rotation that makes the Sun seem to move. We will be making sundials and watching them throughout the day to recognize the movement of the sun through the sky.
Activity 2- Is exploring the moon, how it moves in space, and how it reflects light.
Activity 3- Is about the night sky, stars and constellations.

We will do some solar viewing until the sun sets, and they want some night viewing, but I’m not sure how late they’re planning on running. I’ve pointed out night viewing won’t be good until about 9 or so. I’m trying to pin down how late they’re going to run this.

The forecasts are calling for great viewing weather, though it might be a bit chilly, in the 60s. But clear and calm otherwise.

I know it’s a long drive down there, but any help would be appreciated!

I will make a soft commitment to going and I may be able to bring Michelle with me. This is weather dependant and how the day works out for Michelle. I may end up coming out alone.

The forecast is looking very good. It’d be great to have Michelle there, either or both. Thanks!

I went to Duncan last night for this event. We had a good crowd for a small elementary school, about 100-150 parents and kids. Forecasts were not good, but about an hour before sunset it cleared up and we got in some solar viewing. Sunset was so late many of the kids couldn’t stick around for night viewing, but we had about 40 kids and parents there for night observations.

It turned out to be a very successful evening!

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Thanks for doing this. I would like to have joined in, but was unable for a prior commitment. I will try to help out with the next event like this.

Can I attend with binoculars? I know I’m newer but I helped run a solar eclipse event at my school. I’d love to be a part of this and also learn more. Plus I’ve been out of commission, so it would be nice. If you need any help with presenting or anything, I’d love to!

Anyone can attend with any equipment, or none at all. People are the first thing we need for our outreach events!