Smart Binoculars Coming

One more innovation is in the pipeline from Unistellar.



Interesting idea, but one small problem, doesn’t appear to have a mounting point. Any binocular will get heavy after a while, be nice to have the option of mounting it.

Looks like an expensive gimmick. Are they giving you a better view or just showing you want you are looking at? Seems like something that was tried before as a monocular that didn’t work out.

@mpsurge I’ll ask them about a tripod connection. And highly recommend they add one if they don’t have one on there already.

@DaveNH6SM You might call it a gimmick I guess. It seems to me it’s going to be similar to an astronomy app with augmented reality. Whether it’s worth paying that much to have it built into the binoculars is up to the buyer I guess. I’m considering jumping in. Haven’t decided yet.

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