Saturn from my backyard

Saturn from my 3" dob and my phone. Near Tinker AFB.

Nothing fancy but an accomplishment for myself.


Well done, Cody!

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Very nice, Cody! I can’t wait to see what you’ll produce in the next couple of years!

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Nice. It is a good thing you got a picture now. By 2025, the rings will be in alignment with the Earth and will be difficult to see. The ring-Earth alignment has a cycle period of 15 years (Photograph Saturn's rings before they disappear from view - BBC Sky at Night Magazine). So, it will be 2032 before we see them at their greatest tilt again.



Very nice image. Saturn is one of those objects that brings back many memories. It is a great target for an outreach. It is always fun to hear folks as they look into your scope and exclaim how neat the rings are. I can remember the first time I viewed it. It is so cool and I always try to view Saturn if I have my visual scope setup. (of course, if it out that evening).

Another great object to view is Jupiter. Look for the Great Red Spot, the bands and of course where the moon are located as they circle around it.

Have fun.


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