Rho and Blue Horsehead 3-panel mosaic

3-panel mosaic of the beautiful Rho/Blue Horsehead region.

55, 3-minute, 800-ISO subs per panel.

Guided and dithered each frame.

Nikon D750a DSLR camera
Askar 200mm F4 lens
Ioptron CEM26 mount

Pixinsight, Photoshop, and ICE (Image Composite Editor) to stitch the mosaic.

Location: 3 Rivers Astronomy Campus, Texas www.3rf.org/

Bortle-2 sky with good seeing.

4/16 and 4/17/23



Wow. So about ICE? I assume that you have tried GradientMergeMosaic and you are convinced that ICE is nicer (sorry I had to do that)?

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Sometimes I use ICE, Photoshop, or PTGui for mosaics. I’ve actually never tried GMM, I’ll mess around with it and see how it does. I’ve just always had good luck with ICE and it’s easy to use.