Posting best practices

So sad I didn’t see this. :frowning:

That is the issue with making a new post instead of adding/updating an existing post no one is following the new post. You don’t get an email to let you know something is happening so unless you check everyday you will miss it.

What if we made a post under events for impromptu viewings/events that we could all follow? Then people can post when they are going to view at CRO or elsewhere?

Well, impromptu events are generally very short notice by nature, so I know a lot of folks will miss them if they’re not checking constantly, no matter how I post them.

Even after a year, I’m still learning about Discourse. It’s so different than the old, more traditional, forum. I personally dislike posting new events on old posts, but maybe that is the way to do it on Discourse. I’ll try starting a generic thread and see if that works better to inform folks about short notice events.

I’ve divised a system/routine where this is not a problem, but not everyone uses Discourse the way I do I guess.

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We already have a post for CRO titled “Going out to CRO on a non-Member Night? Coordinate here!”

Could have some posts for each location like “Impromptu Viewing at Bluff Creek” or “Impromptu Viewing at Arbor Gardens” that way you could follow the location that you like to go to. You would need to add the date and time of the viewing session in the body of your new reply.

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I made a general one. Let’s try that first. Maybe one size does fit all.

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