Planetary alignment - June 2?

Someone pointed me to an article about the upcoming planetary alignment. Most sources seem to indicate the date is the morning of 3 June, but I did find a list that shows quite a spread depending on where you are in the world.

Some playing around in Stellarium seems to indicate to me - but I could be missing something - that the best date for us would be the morning of 2 June.

…which handily is Sunday morning, and also - I suspect - the morning after the next CRO Member Night?!

I’ve had a pretty rough year so far, but if the weather will cooperate I’m hoping I can make it out to CRO that weekend. It’s been a long time!

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Welcome on the new forum, Joe!

Yes, our next Member Night is 1 June, so if the weather cooperates, we might be able to see it that night/morning!

It’ll be good to see you at CRO again!

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Don’t get too excited about this on this particular date. There is NO WAY Mercury and Uranus will be visible due to the coming of Sunrise. Even Jupiter will be a hard stretch. Mars and Saturn will rise before it begins to get light, so they won’t be a problem. Neptune…most likely not, but you WILL need a telescope and know its EXACT location, plus be away from city light pollution. At Astronomy Day a lady was asking about Jupiter so maybe this had something to do with her question.

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Kind of figured it’d be a bit difficult. The first articles I found were somewhat optimistic in their expectations. But it’s a good excuse to finally get out to CRO again!

Of course I need to get all the equipment dusted off and remember how to use it…! :sweat_smile:

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Good article, though not sure why the article thinks it’ll be easier to see them with the moon. I’d think it will be harder due to the brightness of the nearby moon.

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