Pack 177 Astronomy night Saturday, 11/18/2023

Headline: Mitch Park, Edmond - Pack 177 Astronomy night

Saturday, Nov. 18, 6 pm - 8 pm

Mitch Park, Western trail entrance
Santa Fe & Big Cedar Ave

About this event

I am running an astronomy night for Pack 177’s Tigers and Wolves dens. Approximately 15 kids but we’re going to break the kids up into small groups. We’ll start at 6:11pm with an ISS flyover and then have 3 stations that they’ll rotate through; a scale model solar system walk, Constellations station, and of course viewing the planets with telescopes.

I have 2 telescopes (8inch DOB and a 70mm refractor) that I don’t mind the children being hands on with to view the moon and Jupiter. However, I am concerned that viewing Saturn maybe very difficult to keep in the frame for kids as my equipment is not on tracking mounts. If anyone from the club would like to come out with your equipment.

Please let me know if you are interested on here or Text 405-762-1337


Unfortunetly the forecasts are calling for marginal weather at best on Saturday. And if it does clear, we have our Member Night at CRO that evening which may draw a few folks away that might support you.

But if the weather cooperatres, this is a great event for anyone who doesn’t want to travel all the way out to CRO. I’ll put this on the club calendar as an alternative event for Saturday.

Oh I am aware that I’m playing chicken with the weather. We’ve had to cancel 2 other times. I hoping that the weather holds long enough for a 2 hour window. :crossed_fingers:

Yep, we will all keep an eye out and hopefully a few members can come and assist.