OTSP 2024 -- Trip to KT Boundary

I’m seriously considering a day trip to Raton NM to visit the park where the KT boundary was found by researchers from Los Alamos National Lab

It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Anyone else interested?

KT Boundary Trail Parking
Climax County Park
Raton, New Mexico, 87740
United States

36.9037, -104.4516


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Depending on when you are thinking of, I’d be interested in making that trip.

I’ll go with you. I have not been to Goat Hill in Raton but it looks like it should be easy to find the clay layer next to the big sign that itentifies the spot. Just joking. I have been to the layer out on Raton Pass and the pictures from Goat Hill looks like the same rock units. Raton Pass was right on the I-25 and very noisey. There is another location across the Pass at Trinidad Lake State Park that should be easy to find. All three locations should have the same rock formations. I can look up some publications on the initial research on the boundary.

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