Okie-Tex Star Party website

So, does anyone know why the Okie-Tex website is going to some pipe company?

Yes. If you go to http://www.okie-tex.com you get the correct address. If you go to https://www.okie-tex.com you get the pipe company. This is due to the webhost sharing our IP address with other parties and using http/https to route people. It’s annoying and is on the list of things to fix, for sure. It is definitely not as easy to fix as it sounds though.

Yeah considering the gruelling process of securing it and the cost involved in the SSL. Then you have to jump through hoops to apply if properly.

The Okie-Tex Star Party website has now been moved to a new server.


Yea no more Pipe company.

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!!!YEA!!! :partying_face: