Okie-Tex History: The Discovery of Camp Billy Joe

Hi everyone! Past president Steve Adkins attended OTSP 2023 and he met up with the wonderful Stan Davis to retell the story of how Okie-Tex & Camp Billy Joe came to be.

Check out this quick video about how Steve and co scouted and discovered the site that is still in use today.

Yes, I remember that first Camp Billy Joe star party. I attended the Okie-Tex the year before at the Prude Ranch. When I went to the TSP following, there was a couple of people near the TSP registration desk saying that the next Okie-Tex was going to be in my neighborhood. I said “Oh?” They said that it is at the tip of the panhandle. Later I got the brochure with registration in the mail. When I saw some pictures of the mesas and then I read the meals menu. Okay I’m a-coming! I’ve been attending all since the soakie-Tex at the Prude Ranch. I’ve been volunteering to doing the venue setup as well at least the past decade. Check out my Okie-Tex star party videos.