OKCAC Member Night at CRO Saturday, 5/20/2023

This is the second Member Night for the month of May

OKCAC Member Night at Cheddar Ranch Observatory for club members and their invited guests. Weather permitting. Check the Discussion Forum for last minute updates.

I will not be able to get there today. Traveling

I will have it open by 1800 or so. Depending on traffic. Is anyone else planning on attending?

BTW, I’d avoid 1-40 from El Reno westward. Construction backing up traffic for miles apparently.

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Tim just clarified that the construction starts around El Reno. So I’ll be taking the backroads all the way from OKC. Who knows how far east the traffic jam will extend.

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Clouds are more than I’d like, but hoping they’ll get a bit better later.

I-40 looked okay until El Reno. From what I could see from US 66, traffic was moving the whole distance, though think it was fairly slow. Hard to tell. I got on it at the Calumet exit and from there to Cherokee Trading Post was normal.

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Have fun!

Hoping it clears out for everyone. :+1::grin:

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There’s three of us here now; Ed and Drew have joined me.

Still fairly cloudy, but nice otherwise. Right now about 50% clouds. It’s gone up and down from that.

From the paved road, I now come in now on the dirt road to the east of CRO. It was fine after the rains. Not muddy.

Upper area is mowed and trimmed around the pads. Got probably 80% of it.

Closing down CRO. Starting clearing around 2200 and it turned into a pretty good viewing night!


Thank you for mowing and trimming! I really wanted to get out there last night. We didn’t get back until about 11 and at that point it’s not worth wearing myself out with further driving🤣

Looking forward to hearing \ seeing more about the Dwarf II and seeing whatever pics you got from it.