OKCAC Cheddar Ranch Member Nights: August 12

The next member night at CRO is on Saturday, August 12. These twice monthly Member Nights are FREE to attend for any active club member and their guest(s).

The sun still sets pretty late, but get there earlier to make sure you’re all set up and ready to go before dark.

If you’ve never been out there before, we have a facility about 90 minutes from the OKC metro. Our facility has a variety of telescopes if you don’t have (or want to bring) your own. The facility also has concrete pads, with power, so feel free to bring your gear! The facility also has wireless internet, a kitchen, bathrooms, a library, and some very uncomfortable benches for late night naps.

If anyone is coming that can operate the 14” or 30” scopes, please post on here that you will be attending and it will be open.

If you’re planning to come out, please post on here that you are coming.

If you want to be guided to CRO, please post here and check back to see if a CRO member can meet and guide you. CRO members, please post what time you can meet any members needing guides. Please make arrangements to meet directly with whoever will be guiding you.

Unfortunately my weather apps are all showing clouds Saturday evening. And at least partly cloudy skies for the next 2 weeks! But hey! It’s Oklahoma! That can change in 5 minutes. I’m hoping that at least one member night will be clear this month!


Yeah, my apps are showing the same thing. At this moment it is a no go for me.

Here’s to hoping for the next weekend!

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Yep. Sadly, I won’t be going out either. Will announce that at the meeting tonight.

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The forecasts are all still for cloudy skies tonight! I will not be going to CRO tonight. Non-CRO members, please don’t go out there unless you’re sure that a CRO member will have it open! If any member does decide to chance it and go out, please post that you’re doing so, so non-CRO members will know it will be open.


I will NOT be headed to CRO tonight.

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Thunderstorms are now predicted for the CRO area. I do not recommend anyone go to CRO this evening!

Member Night has ‘officially’ been cancelled for tonight.