Observing coordinator

I’m ready to start the Novice Astronomical League certification. Who is the club observing coordinator?



That would be me, Ben! :grin:

You’ll be the first to start this since I’ve been coordinator, so we’ll work through it together!


Hello, I am a new member that would also like to start the novice observing program (the plans on the website). I will have a slow start thru May as I conclude my last semester of college, but will try to make some sort of free time for observing to preserve my sanity with all the homework. Hopefully turning the year long program into an 18 month venture isn’t a problem.
Damon Brown

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Damon and Ben,

As near as I can tell, the process is simple; just follow the AL instructions for the certification you’re shooting for, then send me the results at:


I’ll certify them and forward it to the AL and soon we should get the certificates/pins/whatever.

They’ll be presented to you at a club meeting.

I’m looking forward to getting lots of these from club members in the next year!

Sounds like a plan, thank you. Is there a place that defines a scale for “seeing” and “transparency”? I want to make sure I have the forms filled out correctly.

Ive just recentlyvstarted the messier cataloge visual observer program. Do i need a coordinator for that or can i just continue to observe as im able too? Ive got a book that makes logging and observing very easy. 110 things to see in the night sky withba telescope.

Cody, Just keep the records the way the AL program says to. When it’s complete, forward those to me and I submit them to the AL.

One other question, is using Stellarium or Sky safari as a planisphere ok to do, or better to use a hard copy?

I don’t know all the AL rules, and they may change for what program you’re doing, but it seems reasonable to me. As long as you don’t use them to control your telescope when the program calls for manual only.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll double check any programs I start to work on so I don’t do anything out of bounds.


Here is a link to the rules.

Thanks, Ben.

Many astronomy apps now allow a virtual guide by holding it up to the sky and it will guide you to the object. This is not acceptable.

Using it as you would a planisphere, without auto guiding, is acceptable.

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Thank you both very much for the information.