Night Sky Network Webinar TONIGHT November 30th 2023

Join the NASA Night Sky Network on Thursday, November 30 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (9:00 PM Eastern) along with Dr. Travis Fischer from Space Science Telescope Institute, where we will explore the nature of active galaxies and the role they play in shaping the universe we see today.

Active galaxies are some of the most fascinating objects in the universe. They emit copious amounts of energy, often far exceeding the energy output of an entire galaxy of stars. But what makes them so active? Hear about some of the latest research in the field, including the use of telescopes and other observational tools to study these enigmatic objects. Join us on this journey to the heart of the most powerful objects in the cosmos.

Webinar Registration Link (Zoom)
NSN Members can register for this webinar at the following link. Once registered you will receive an automatic reminder shortly before the webinar begins. You may also wish to update and restart your Zoom software before the session begins for the best experience.
Link: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Livestream & Recording (YouTube)
The talk will also be streamed live at the YouTube link below. Please note that questions submitted via the Zoom Q&A feature will have priority over YouTube chat. The recording will be available afterward on this page and at the YouTube link.

Further Information:

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Got it on my calendar!

That was an excellent presentation on active Galaxies!

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Thank you for sharing this information, the presentation was excellent.

Current members of Oklahoma City Astronomy Club: can sign up on the NSN and get notified of these Webinar’s.

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So glad you enjoyed this! He wants an invitation to our Club? I will contact him in the very near future to be our ZOOM Speaker!

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