NGC1499 (The California Nebula)

NGC1499 (The California Nebula)

SHO Color Palette

79, 5-minute, 100-gain SII subs
95, 5-minute, 100-gain Ha subs
102, 5-minute, 100-gain OIII subs

ASI2600mm Pro
Esprit 100ED, .79 reducer
446 focal length, F4.4
EQ6-R Pro mount
Guided, dithered every frame,
2x drizzled in Pixinsight

Processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop.

Data was collected on clear nights during January and February 2024.

Locations: My backyard (Bortle-7) and CRO (Bortle-4).



Very cool image! Thank you for sharing it. but I have a couple of curiosity questions.

This looks very yellow to my eyes, what is causing that?

What would it look like in the HSO pallette?

Hi Joel and thanks for the questions.

1.) The green channel is so overpowering from the Ha, I adjust its tone and hue to a more suitable color to show nebulosity and definition.
SHO color palette with no color correction

SHO color palette with green tone / hue adjusted:

HSO color palette:

HSO color palette color corrected:

Thank you for the added work and explanations. I actually really like all the versions, lol.