NGC/IC Catalog

I have a dataset from Dr. Wolfgang Steinicke that contains the full NGC/IC object catalogs. I’ve cross-referenced his catalog to the Messier, Herschel1, Herschel2, Caldwell, and Bennett catalogs, providing those numbers where they exist. Also cross-referenced in the dataset is the month the object is visible, the discoverer, the date discovered, and what instrument was used in the discovery. Do you remember MegaStar? Dr. Steinicke’s data was used in that application. He continues to update his data to this day (latest revision of this dataset is 20 March 2023). His website is here: Astronomie-Homepage von Wolfgang Steinicke ( if you would to like to learn about the evolution of his project.

If anyone is interested, I’d be glad to share the data (I have his permission to do so but it’s free for personal use anyway).

P.S. I also have the Astronomical League’s Carbon Star catalog, David Levy’s Deepsky Gems, a list of 200 double stars, and 200+ planetary nebulae.
P.S.S. I should also mention that Dr. Steinicke’s raw data will not contain my cross-refs.


I downloaded the zip file but the headings in the Excel file are not very helpful. Have any info on the column headings?

Right above the link to download Dr. Steinicke’s zip file is a link to the explanation of his data columns. Here is a shortcut:

Note that his data will not have my cross-references to the other catalogs. I’ll try to figure out how to post my file here.

See if this link to my data on Google works:

Thanks Steve. That helps a lot.