Ngc 7000, ngc 6997, ngc 6996, ic 5070

NGC 7000, NGC 6997, NGC 6996, IC 5070

2-Panel Mosaic

65, 10-minute, Ha
65, 10-minute, OIII
65, 1-minute, Red
65, 1-minute, Green
65, 1-minute, Blue
About 23hrs Per panel.
46hrs total integration.

ASI2600mm pro camera
Sky-watcher Esprit 100ED, 550mm focal length, F5.5
EQ6-R Pro mount.
ASI174mm guide cam
Dithered every frame
2x drizzled in PIX

Pixinsight and Photoshop.

Data was collected at Bortle-6 and Bortle-1 locations.

8/17/2023, 8/19/2023, 8/20/2023, 8/21/2023, 8/22/2023, 8/24/2023, 8/25/2023, 8/26/2023, 8/28/2023, 8/29/2023, 8/31/2023, 9/1/2023, 9/2/2023, 9/6/2023



Who needs all those fakes when we have our very APOD guy right here?! This is really cool, definately an add to my AFterburner collection.

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Thanks Joel :pray:

From this perspective, the North America nebula looks EXACTLY like a teapot, wow.

Excellent work, this is outstanding. I really enjoy the colors and the detail.

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