Newby Vaonis Vespera images

I happy to have found this club and I’m thankful for all of your posts. I’m a lurker like my love of looking at the night sky. I wanted an easy to use scope to image DSO’s and when I researched them, the Vaonis Vespera seemed to be the best fit for me. I know very little so this scope allows me to connect to the cosmos quickly with a quick learning curve. Here’s some newb photos I’ve gotten in the first few weeks.
Vaonis Vespera II
Bortle 4 skies
Solar filter for the sun
Amateur processing

Bodes Galaxy
Horse Head Nebula
The Sun
De Marians Nebula


Very nice to be able to get these results so quickly.


Very nice images, Kent! I’m glad you like the Vespera! I think it’s an excellent all-in-one EA scope!

They’re all good, but I particularly like the Horse Head and Flame Nebulas! Beautiful!