New to amature astronomy

Hi everyone im new here. And i bought Me a used celestron nexstar 130 slt . In all it came with was a 25 mm eyepiec. I’m eventually wanting Two c things like jupiter saturn it may be Some deep space things. But I’m not sure where to start if anyone could just give me some advice that would be amazing. Thank you

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I have a 127slt, if you have a finderscope or red dot sight make sure thats lined up first. You can do this by using the moon or a distant object during the day. I recommend getting a power supply for the slt base if you don’t already have one as it eats through batteries. Once your finderscope is lined up you can manually slew to objects or use the goto function of the nexstar (its not the most accurate goto mount but it will get you close). The 25mm eyepiece is a good start for some of the bigger dso.

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Brandon, I’m heading to Bluff Creek Park tonight, 6:30-7, if you want to bring your SLT out. The weather does not look good for First Friday or our first Member Night this month, so this may be the last good viewing night for a week or two.

Well, Wednesday looks like it may be clear with low winds, but will be aobut 10 deg colder, dropping below freezing. Possibly will go out that night, too, but not planning on it right now.

I would have loved to come. I live over west of cushing. So its a bit of a drive.

Just got back from Bluff Creek Park. It cleared after sunset and turned out to be great viewing!

I took my scope out and had a awesome view of jupiter could clearly see dark bands and 4 moons