New Tak and iOptron Accessories For Sale

Hi All,
I just successfully completed a transaction on CloudyNights with this person. He has quite a list of new Tak and iOptron stuff for sale and is willing to deal. I told him I would share his list with my club.
His email address is:

"Here’s the stuff I need:

1 ZWO ASIAIR Plus 256gb
2 ZWO ASI Guide Camera 220 mini
3 ZWO ASI2600MM Pro camera
4 ZWO ASI Filter wheel - 2" ZWO-EFW-7x2
5 2" 7 filter (LRGB SHO)set
6 Losmandy Gemini II retrofit kit
7 Losmandy RA Extension kit
8 TAK TOA 35 .7x reducer TKA31580NS or TKA31580S
9 TAK TOA35 Flattener
10 William Optics 32mm f/3.75 UniGuide Scope
11 TAK- S8039 Hercules Synta Finder Base

The TAK parts I have (all new in box) QTY

OPTEC OP17472 25’ cable - TCF-S/IFW, RJ45-DB-9 2
ADM DUP-TAK03 Dovetail - FRC 300, BRC250 1
TKA23201 DLSR Wide Mount Camera Adapter 1
TKA21420S Tube Holder 95S w/Plate- FS-78/Sky90 1
TKA32420 TOA105 Tube Holder 2
TKA36420W Tube Holder 125WS FSQ106ED 1
TKA36580 Reducer QE 0.73X - FSQ106 2
TKA36595 Extender QE 1.6x - FSQ 106EDX4 2
TKA70581 Mewlon Reducer Flattener 2
TKP27110 2" Visual Adapter - Visual Back 2
TKP38003 CC Multi-Adapter TW FSQ-106EDX4/130 - M98-M72 1
TKA01254 CA 35mm TOA Series Adapter - Nikon 1
TKP86003 Coupling (CCA-250) 98F to 54F (34.2mm BF) 1

iOptron parts I have:

iOptron Part # Description Qty
3339-060 iPolar for CEM 60 External 2
3339A-040 iPolar for CEM 40 Internal 1
3339A-120 iPolar for CEM 120 1
3340-034 iPolar Adapter IEQ30/45 PRO 2
3340A-040 Adapter, iPolar to Ioptron CEM40 Mount 1
3340R-SGP Skyguider Pro Adapter bezel 2
8438 GPS Module 1
3362 Guide Camera 1
3361 Guide Scope 1
6232 2" Dielectric diagonal 2
8710 80mm refractor (R80) -blue 1
3308 Ball Head Top Plate 3
8437 Vibration Suppression feet for 2" tripod 1
8607 Cube Counterweight Shaft 1
3006-10 10 # counterweight for GEM 1
8026 Counterweight Shaft Extension bar 2 "

Cheers! - Manny Doughty

Hey Manny, I’m not sure I understand the deal here. Did you buy all the stuff from the guy, and then are selling what you don’t need? Or are things just going one at a time? Thanks,

Sorry for the confusion -
I only bought a Tak extender and a Tak reducer for my FSQ-106EDX3 from him. They arrived today, and are indeed unused. I told him I would share his list, but, I waited until the transaction was complete.


Oh, okay so he has the camera and all the other stuff for sale then. Gotchya :+1:

Well, actually, the first list (with the camera) is what he “needs” and would like to possibly trade all the other stuff for.