Needed - old back issues of Sky & Telescope magazine

I have been collecting S&T since I was a kid on 1970. I have completed my collection back through 1954, but have some holes to fill in the earlier ones. I am in search for the following issues: 1953: Mar, Nov, Dec. 1952: Jan, Apr, May, Jun 1951: Nov
1949: Oct, Nov, Dec. 1948: I need all of them. 1947: Apr 1946: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov 1945: Mar, Aug, Sep, Oct 1943: I need all. 1942: I need all. 1941: Dec (I have issue #1 fro Nov '41. I know this is a long shot, it’s taken me over 54 years to get this far, but if I don’t ask, i won’t find. Any help (as well as other sources to look) will be much appreciated. Byron Labadie Bixby, OK

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