Member Night at CRO - May 11

The second member night at CRO in March is on Saturday, May 11.

Sunset is at 2029 (8:29pm). Nautical twilight begins at 2058. Astronomical twilight begins at 2133. Twilight ends and true night begins at 2209.

The moon sets at 0047 (12:47AM) and is a Wacxing Crescent (22.5%).

Check the weather forecasts and check back here to ensure it will be good viewing weather and CRO will be open.

If anyone is coming that can open the 14” or 30” scopes, please post on here that you will be attending and it will be open.

If you’re planning to come out, please post on here that you are coming. I will not be in state, so please ensure that a CRO member posts on here that they will have CRO open for all members!

If you want to be guided to CRO, please post here and check back to see if a CRO member can meet and guide you. CRO members, please post what time you can meet any members needing guides. Please make arrangements to meet directly with whoever will be guiding you.

The location of the observatory is also now searchable in both Google Maps and Apple Maps. Search for Cheddar Ranch Observatory, Watonga, OK, and it should appear and give you directions if you want. It might also appear in your GPS app/program.

Clear and dark skies!

I am planning to go.

I probably wont’ make it. My life right now is all about moving into my new home and getting my old one ready to sell. Suspect it might be June before I get back out observing.

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We will be out at CRO early today. The forecast doesn’t look good for viewing so we may not stay to long unless something changes. Will post once we get there how things are looking. We could do some training if anyone wants to learn how to use the Club telescope. Fingers crossed for some Aurora. Will be a little Moon out tonight.

I want to go so bad. Idk if I can handle the car ride. I’m doing better but had to go back to the hospital twice last weekend. I may have to wait a whole other month for my first members night. :frowning:

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Well, you come first! Rest well, heal, get better!

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I won’t make this one. Was out Wednesday night till after midnight. No aurora, but clear sky and light breeze. Beautiful! Grass was getting pretty high from all the rain. No wind damage i could see. Hope it stays clear for you folks!

Hi Dave. I plan on coming out and would like to get training on the club telescope.

Hey, just an fyi, we’re meeting at Swadley’s in El Reno @ 2pm today. Come on out.

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Just for a quick meetup? Or to head out together? I can’t go to CRO bc of my stomach, but I’d love to see everyone!

Come on out we would love to see you

CRO is open… The sky is totally over cast.

I was out Thursday, started out scattered clouds but cleared out by 10:30 winds dropped to < 5 mph. Skies were beautiful, and the Whippoorwills were singing and the Coyote’s were howling.

Got out here around 630pm.

We are getting ready to head out and CRO is locked up. Wouldn’t you know it, the sky is starting to clear too.

We didn’t see any Aurora tonight.

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Yep, I just looked at satellite and it’s clearing! At least a clear slot for a little while. Maybe you can see some aurora?

It was just Ben and me for the member night. Trained Ben on using the C14. We were able to see some Stars and the Moon with it. Ben was able to get his iPhone configured to run the telescope from the phone. We got to see a bright ISS passed just over the Moon. We closed up the telescope and took some pictures to see if the aurora would show up. Don’t think we could see any. We did both get this green blob on our pictures. I think it was just some reflection from the WiFi antenna. We left about 10:30pm and the sky was about 3/4 clear.

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