Member Night at CRO - June 1

I didn’t cancel tonight because of weather. I suspect it will turn out to be a good evening, but the ‘regulars’ that open CRO can’t make it tonight, and none of the other 50+ CRO Members have volunteered to open it. I don’t want any club members driving all the way out there just to find the gate and building locked.

I’m headed out to CRO. Thought I’d post here since the member night is cancelled and I’m a new member and not experienced hosting non CRO members. I should get there around 830 and plan on leaving before 1130.

Unfortunately my plans have also changed for the evening

Ben I moved your post over to this post so Members will know that the gates will be open. The only thing we need from a CRO Member is that the gate and building will be open. You don’t need to do anything with them. It also will bring more members out the more members say they are going.

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CRO has been opened. There are 2 CRO members there now. Also the new code I sent out has not been changed yet it is still the last year code.

Wish I could be there! We were moving. Don’t worry though, I’m relaxing watching the skies with you guys from my patio!

There was about an hour of decent viewing last night and the clouds rolled in around 11

Thanks for the report! Glad you got at least a bit of viewing in. I checked here after I got home and it was mostly cloudy, then later, completely cloudy. Hopefully next week will be better!

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