March Club Meeting - Dr. Emily Levesque - The Last Stargazers


Will Dr. Levesque be joining us in person? If via web conference, on what AV resource will the video feed be displayed?

This should be a VERY interesting presentation. I’m excited!

Dr. Levesque will be joining us via ZOOM. AT THIS TIME, it will be available only at our OKC Astro Club Meeting at SMO- Goldman Room - on Friday, March 8th - at 7 PM.
The SMO Auditorium is undergoing a remodel.

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Thank you, Eileen. This should be a great presentation. I’m unfamiliar with the other rooms within the SMO, so, I’ve now looked this up on their website:

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Yep, it’s upstairs behind the NASA attraction. We used to meet up there all the time.

Is there any possibly that club members that live outside of the OKC area could join in on the Zoom meeting?

At this time that is not an option. Perhaps other club officers who understand the IT issues involved could chime in to answer. We have enough issues with using the WiFi at SMO and broadcasting live is beyond the bandwidth allowed. If the speaker allows & the recording is decent, it is sometimes posted to the club’s YouTube account.

Thanks for your quick response. Posting on you tube would be nice. I would like to travel to OKC to see the presentation but it’s not always possible.