M81 from the Seestar

Hi all! I’m new to the club but decided to purchase a Seestar after January’s meeting. I’ve only really had a few clear nights since I got my Seestar, but just wanted to share this of M81 I took a few nights ago.

Clear skies all! I’m happy to be here and looking forward to learning from you all.


Looking good! I’m new to astrophotography and recently tried imaging M81 for the first time with my mirrorless camera on a tracking mount. Yours has twice as much integration time, but came out more than twice as good as mine-- and I had to deal with the pain of processing too. That Seestar looks like an excellent investment.

There are a lot of faint details visible in your image that I can’t even begin to see in my photo, but I’m fairly deep in the heart of the city. What sort of light pollution levels do you have where you shot this?

Cheers, clear skies!


That image looks great, Nathan! I love all may all-in-one EA scopes, but the Seestar is definitely the one that is garnering the most attention right now, because it’s almost as good as the more expensive models, for 1/5 or more the price!

I’m looking forward to seeing both of you at some of our future events! Please introduce yourselves to me, and other club members, when you come out!


Will do, looking forward to it Mitche!

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Welcome to the club and well done :+1:

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Yes, welcome to the club. EA scopes are big hit right now. Allows a quick entry to astrophotography. Very nice image.


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I haven’t done much image processing yet but I’d like to learn. It just looks pretty overwhelming right now. I’d love to get even longer exposures but I’m afraid my dogs will mess with the scope if I leave it out longer than an hour or so. I’m up north of Yukon by NW expressway. It’s been pretty nice being this far away from downtown for the darker skies.


Thanks Mitche! I’m a bit of an introvert so I haven’t introduced myself yet. I was at the meeting last night sitting right up front at the center table. It was your review at the January meeting that pushed me to buy the Seestar. I had been looking at them before but hadn’t heard any in person reviews. So in a lot of ways I have you to thank for these images!


got mine in early jan and a leveller shortly after am having some trouble understanding how to move to viewpoint using the motion tool any suggestions? Orion nebula is good too.

Welcome Bill!

I’m not sure what the p;roblem is from your description, The best thing is for you to bring it to a club event and get some help there. There are enough Seestars in the club now that there will probably be at least one other member there with one, if not several.

if you can’t wait, I’d check out some YouTube videos on how to use the Seestar. I suspect you’ll be able to find your solution in one or more of those.