Lunar eclipse - March 25, 2024

I’m more than a little surprised that I don’t see much (any?!) discussion here about the lunar eclipse this weekend.

Maybe it’s overshadowed by the pairing with the solar eclipse 2 weeks later? (pun intended)

…or because it’s only a penumbral eclipse?

I’ve been so focused on preparing for the Total, I had no idea of this lunar.

I was almost going to post something about this eclipse. I decided against it since it is going to be pretty cloudy for it so don’t think it would even be visible. If it is visible by some chance I don’t think you could tell anything is happening due to the type of eclipse

I had first learned of the timing of this lunar eclipse after reading that

a solar eclipse is always preceded or followed (or both) by a lunar eclipse — with an interval of approximately 2 weeks (this was my main takeaway)

I’ve know of the approximate timing for a few weeks. I know that weather conditions may only be closely predicted within approximately three days…so, this morning, I was reading a little more about the lunar eclipse trying to identify whether and what we might expect to see here in Oklahoma (whether in OKC or CRO).

From the website, I learned that it would be a penumbral eclipse. But specifically, that site also shows that the magnitude of the moon may decrease by 1 magnitude (transitioning from -1.09 to - 0.13)

I agree that this (i.e., 1 magnitude change) may not be apparent naked eye — and only apparent by time lapse photography.

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This is the first I’ve heard of this. Sadly it doesn’t look like it will be clear enough to see it.