Jupiter - Io Transit over Great Red Spot

EDIT: I re-processed my images and rotated them to the correct orientation to get a better view.

Saturday night I managed to get a timelapse of (almost) the entire Io transit of Jupiter! Thank you to Andy, Mitche, and Chris who gave some awesome advice and fun company out at CRO during Members Night.


Celestron EdgeHD 14-inch OTA
ZWO ASI174MM (Mono) Camera
iOptron CEM120-EC2 Mount
2x Barlow Lens
Optolong L-eXtreme Pro Filter

2000 frames every 10 minutes (roughly), used best 15%
50ms exposure per frame
364 gain



Amazing work. Keep it up.

That turned out really good. It’s hard to see IO until it gets to the end right before it leaves Jupiter.

That updated one is great.

I love it! You’ve inspired me to get off my asteroid binge for a while and get back to imaging Jupiter.

Super cool! Well done Waylon :+1: :+1:

Wow! That turned out great, Waylon! Io AND the Great Red Spot together! I love it!

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Super cool huh Mitche? I love seeing animations too.

Oh yeah, Waylon you should play this in the dome before you start a show to just let the public see your cool animation.

Seeing this transit and timed to the GRS is very cool.

Why do we only see Io appear near the end of the sequence? (BTW: I recall first seeing a dark “dot” on Jupiter from my Dob out at CRO and asking Jaxon what it might be. First memories are fun!)

You can barely see it if you squint really hard, but I think that since Io is already very bright and partially blends into Jupiter as it’s transiting, and also that it was quite windy that night, it just ends up being blurrier than usual and as a result it almost completely blends into Jupiter.

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That is really nice Waylon! You can title it “Io’s Great Red Spot Eclipse 2023”.

Very nice and cool animation. Really like it, thanks for posting.