Jupiter 11-23-23 (UT)

It’s been over a year since I did any planetary imaging, but finally got a chance for Jupiter this week. Unfortunately, the seeing wasn’t so good. As a result, the images making up this animation are pretty soft.


Update: 11-25-23

I found additional video that I thought I had lost. Here is another 38 minutes of animation that starts with the last frame of the animation above. It looks like the seeing improved a little for this sequence.

Date and time for this sequence: November 23, 2023 02:00:29-02:38:15 UT


Observing Details:
Seeing: Poor-Fair
Transparency: Good
Location: Edmond, Oklahoma USA
Image Details:
Animation 1 consists of 14 images. Animation 2 consists of 12 images. Each image is a stack of the best 3000 of 10000 frames.
Each frame 10.07 ms ; Gain 295
Telescope: Celestron C8 (203 mm f/10) operating at f/20 with 2X Barlow lens
Camera: ZWO ASI224MC with UV/IR cut filter
Mount: Meade LXD75 (under renovation)


It’s better than a lot of images and animations I’ve seen of Jupiter.

Yeah, that’s pretty rad Russ :+1:

Cool image. I’m deep into my son’s Robotics season right now – so, my telescope has not been getting enough love. I did ask Santa Claus for a flip mirror though. She is saying that I’ve already got two telescopes and two cameras; why do I need to put a third one on that contraption? :blush:


Lol. My Santa has said nearly the same thing before. But, she’s also the Chief of Accounting and Finance, so her comments and questions receive great deference.

If Santa does bring you a flip mirror, I think you’ll find it easier to get your planetary targets on the imaging chip.